About us

Crypto12 strives to make crypto accessible to institutional investors and provide businesses with the opportunity to settle their invoices using cryptocurrency.

Our extensive experience in banking, AML/CFT procedures, and compliance will provide our customers with the tools necessary to reach their objectives.

David Veselinović B. Sc. David Veselinović B. Sc.

David Veselinovic B. Sc.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Graduated from “FH Wiener Neustadt” University, David honed his skills working in the field of management. He is well-versed in Transaction Monitoring, Fraud & Risk Management, Compliance and AML procedures in high-risk verticals, primarily the iGaming industry. His extensive experience in the high-risk sector, and his passion for Web3 technology inspired him to venture into the Crypto world. He is the proud Founder and CEO of Vescon Ltd – crypto12.com.
Vladimir Vuksanović M. Sc. Vladimir Vuksanović M. Sc.

Vladimir Vuksanović M. Sc.

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Vladimir graduated from the University of Sheffield to become an expert in Banking and Finance. In addition to his fintech background and overall broad palate of interests, his managerial skills have been well put to practice over the years. Currently, besides supporting the Crypto12 idea creatively and strategically, he’s been put in charge of overseeing the company’s ongoing operations, as well as implementing business strategies, plans and procedures.
Dusan Petrovic Dusan Petrovic

Dušan Petrović

Graduated from Middlebury College, USA, the department of Physics and Economics – the educational background that only made Dušan as competent, accomplished and impressive as his work experience. Having collaborated with some of the world’s top heads for the better part of the decade at the world’s top-tier banks such as Deutsche Bank, RBS London, and Morgan Stanley International to name a few, he’s been incomparable in the trading industry. Now, he looks to implement his expertise and knowledge in a manner to best assist the start-up of Crypto12.
Milan Radivojević Milan Radivojević

Milan Radivojević

Chief Technology Officer
From day one Milan was fascinated with blockchain technology and he decided to turn his passion into a business opportunity. Besides having founded his company Blockchain Consulting PR to help consult on all-matters-crypto, he merged his previous practice as a continuous improvement manager at TechSolutions, Inc to extend experience in both, project management and crypto niche, giving him a unique set of skills for Crypto12 Chief Technology Officer.
igor-crypto12-final-1 Igor Stojković

Igor Stojković

CFO – Chief Financial Officer
After graduating from the Faculty of Management, he worked for some of the leading banks on domestic market such as: Credit Agricole, Unicredit, National Bank of Greece, etc.
His rich professional experience in the banking sector spans more than 20 years made it possible for him to excel in the roles of managing director, head office branch manager, and regional manager. All this contributed to him becoming the Chief Financial Officer in the Crypto12 team.
Smiljana Vojinović LLB Smiljana Vojinović LLB

Smiljana Vojinović LLB

Head of Legal
A graduate of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law with a Bar Exam, Smiljana completed the master’s program Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Module FTA-SEE in European integration. She is now enrolled in the Business-law masters at the University of Belgrade.
As a student, she has built up her experience in the National bank of Serbia, in the Department for foreign exchange affairs and foreign credit relations, and after her studies in the private lawyer’s office.
Ana Cupara M. Sc. Ana Cupara M. Sc.

Ana Nedić M. Sc.

HR & Finance
Master of science in translation and graduated philologist working in the field of Consulting services regarding the AML/CFT and Human resources.
Ana has excelled as a contracting administrator, HR manager and Executive assistant to the CEO providing accounting and administrative assistance, managing payments (costs and revenues), assessing company’s financial status and budget reports. Her quick wits, vast array of skills, and kind demeanor has made her irreplaceable in the Crypto12 office.
Nikola Mitkovic BA Nikola Mitkovic BA

Nikola Mitković

Head of Customer Care
Graduated in economics with a strong interest in blockchain technology. In the crypto world since 2016.
Zoran Savic Zoran Savic

Zoran Savić

Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager with a solid foundation in the fintech industry and a proven track record of successful leadership in crypto payments, finance and marketing. Sales experience enhances his ability to identify market opportunities and turn them into successful business ventures.
blockchain technology


Vescon Ltd is a Serbian-based Consultancy firm that specializes in KYC (Know your Customer), and Anti-Money-Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism procedures. We have years of experience in the banking, compliance, and payment service sector allowing us to provide our clients with expert assistance when it comes to writing AML/CFT Policies and enforcing them.

As we helped our clients navigate the often-overlooked onboarding process for various payment service providers globally, crypto became a more prominent part of our future endeavors and our next focus. From day one we were fascinated by blockchain technology. We believe that blockchain technology is still in its rudimentary stage, and we cannot even imagine what lies ahead in its future.

blockchain technology

Our goals

From the onset we understood that Crypto could address many of our client’s issues, steering our focus more toward this technology. Instant and secure payments became feasible with minimal cost and always-available access. However, there was one problem. With no regulations in place, implementing crypto technology in a safe and jurisdictional manner was a challenge. To ensure the safety of investors, businesses, and any individuals who are interested in engaging with crypto, regulations provide the necessary assurance for a secure crypto environment.

Ensuring that crypto is used for the greater good is our top priority, which we will achieve through high standards of Anti-Money Laundering and CFT procedures. We strive to be the connection between traditional banking and crypto.

To guarantee that our customers abide by existing laws and enjoy their crypto experience with ease, we carefully monitor all updates to ensure complete compliance.

Ever since Serbia rolled out its legal framework for cryptocurrencies, we have committed our efforts to obtaining the crypto license. We are proud to announce that the aforementioned license was approved on December 16th, 2022, thus making us one of the first crypto-licensed companies in Serbia.

Ready to start your crypto journey? We are waiting for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any inquiries you may have regarding our company and our services. We look forward to providing prompt and helpful answers!